October 22, 2008

where the future plays it all night long

Fed up with your indigestion.
Swallow words one by one.
Your folks got high a quarter to five.
Don’t you feel your growing up undone.
Nothing but the local DJ.
He said he had some songs to play.
What went down from this fooling around.
Gave hope and a brand new day.
Nothing was the same again.
All about where and when.
Blowing our minds in our lives unkind.
Gotta love the bpl.
When the smoke was all baton
Remember how this all begun.
We wore his love like a hand in a glove.
Where the future plays it all night long.
-Great DJ by the Ting Tings

The next few pics are stolen from my friend's Facebook...

Pins:HEMA,my 7th grade spanish teacher
and a Colplay concert
Rosette:Kitsch Kitchen
Jacket:Silence+Noise at Urban Outfitters
Tee shirt:Fruit of the Loom
Pantaloons:black velvet Seven For All Mankind
Shoes:Steve Madden {a gift from Solestruck.com)

The amazing Daniel of http://www.solestruck.com// gifted me with these Steve Madden heels. Dank u wel!


Sammie said...

Lovely photos, those shoes are killer.

A Black Tie Event said...

I love the photos of the shoes, so cute.

Copycat Sasha said...

I love how you customised that jacket, it looks amazing!

Nay'Chelle said...

Gorgeous shoes.

Sam said...

haha, that's ironic! we both picked the same shoes. =]
I just got mine today. Aren't they amazing in all of their red patent leather glory? The inside is really soft too. haha
You look fabulous as always darling!

MOLLY GRAY said...

your photos are amazing, really great quality.

Anna Shapiro said...

Ah i just got a pair of shoes from solestruck as well!

I really like the ones you chose. you have an awesome blog.
would you like to trade links?

la mode est dans le ciel said...

the shoes, and the glass, and the flowers... oh so lovely.


Sydney Speel said...

you have the coolest pictures!

i bet you get into really high fashion photography when you grow up!

fairy queen said...

Aaaawwww... you like like a female Karl... Or is it just me?

J.Yo said...

i love how your photo is very different angled sometimes, but very unique, too! and those shoes, the way u took the pic.. great.

DaisyChain said...

Those shoes are divine!

Kat said...

I love this outfit, it's so luella with the rosette!
great photographs

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!

taffy. said...


Martha said...

Those shoes are gorgeous and the photography is brilliant =]

Ella said...

I'm very, very jelous of those beautiful heels. And i'm no less jelous of your photographic talent.