December 14, 2008

russian fur hats&bridal veils plus new room inspiration

Good day today. Went to the graveyard by my friends house for a photoshoot with our sisters for Photo class. Made them wear jeweled Free People dresses, Russian fur hats, bridal veils, carry around porclein dolls, etcetera. Then a police car came by and we ran away, feeling kind of out of place. But I don't think its bad to take photos in a graveyard, its peaceful and calming. I'll scan the pictures after I develop them.
Sorry I haven't been commenting on other peoples blogs much. My dad blocked Snazzy but somehow I can still acess my dashboard and make posts. I'll try to be a better blogger once in Holland.
Here's the inspiration for my new room in Holland. I have no idea how all these particles will come together but yup it's all my inspiration.

Images from Foto Decadent, Free People blog, Pepperminte, Fifi Lapin, & The Cherry Blossom Girl

December 10, 2008

and float me on the waves

The heat is on its own
The roof seems so inviting
A vantage point is gained
To watch the children fighting
So lead me to the harbour
And float me on the waves
Sink me in the ocean
To sleep in a sailors grave
To sleep in a sailors grave


I'm sorry for my abrupt last post and thanks for all your sweet comments. I was considering deleting Snazzy! but I'm not. My perfectionist urge for everything to be the same theme and fit together gets in the way sometimes. When I started using this typewriter font I went back to all my old posts and changed them.

Although I love fashion I think this blog is going to be a lot more concentrated on photography. Some people get into photography because of fashion, I'm into fashion because of photography. I just didnt know a blog could be about photography when I started this. You'll still get to see outfits though because I think its so fun to dress myself as well as my friends up.

i sleep everywhere but i never rest
A self portait I did last night through my shower door!

Estrella Oscuro-Lila Downs
Eleanor Rigby-The Beatles
Postcards From Far Away-Coldplay


The first is from Foto Decadent, the second and third are by Degas, the fourth is from Foto Decadent and the last is by Violet Dare on Flickr.

December 7, 2008

grandmas and wolves

Little Red Riding Hood photos I took
of my sister over the summer.

I'm thinking about

1.Deleting Snazzy
2.Deleting Snazzy and making a new blog
3.Deleting old posts on Snazzy and having a fresh start
4.Taking a break