July 25, 2008

trips to target, two tone tights and a (lost) temperly jacket


I went to Tarjayy (yes I am totally one of those obnoxious people who cannot just say Target, because please, it may be pretentious but god its so much more fun to say) and started running around.Target is so cheap, its great! Unfortunately I lost my Alice Temperly Go International military jackets. Kind of tragic.

Part I

Bag:Flea Market in Long Island
Necklace a.k.a pretty much my favourite thing ever because it combines crazy and a horse:Urban Outfitters

Part II

Hair clip:H&M
Peace sign:M&J Trimming
Tights:Yes those ridiculous two tone AA ones

July 22, 2008

you're trying hard to breathe

"be what you will and then thrown down your life oh it's a damned fine game and we can play all night beat the skins and let the loose lips kiss you clean quietly pour out like light like light, like answering the sun you're staring at the sun you're standing in the sea your mouth is open wide you're trying hard to breathe the water's at your neck there's lightning in your teeth your body's over me" -TV On the Radio

Went to the Veluwe with Bail (Hedera Helix). From far away the land looks barren but up close everything is intensely detailed. The grass pops when you walk, delicate webs line fox holes, the sand is oddly intricate. Everything peels and is worn away and there is a whole range of beautiful colours..maroons and mustards and strange tints and a gray sky.

dress:New Yorker. shoes:Converse tights:street market gloves:Bijou Brigette

July 20, 2008

fly again

The D-Day Beaches

Mont Saint Michele
Theres something very broken and falling apart about where we visited. History lulls in the ocean. Polaroids are just as fleeting, the perfect way to capture all the sights.Polaroids with the random UFO's and strange pink tints that sometimes appear as they develop.
P.S My favourite local resturaunt may exhibit some of my black and white photographs.

July 19, 2008


Part I

Too many late nights. Time for me to receed.

Maybe I will post soon. I'm just in an overwhelmed state, trying to clean and post pictures. I do have some interesting outfits and photos though. I'm only allowed about 45 mins on the internet each day. Thanks for the support and comments.

July 8, 2008

Etretat, France

Jacket:Saks Fifth Avenue
Dress:Forever 21
The last time we were in France we went to Paris. A long time ago though we took a trip to Etretat, Normandy. I was litle and only have blurry memories of a milky pastel sunset and a mysterious ivy covered ch√Ęteau...
This summer we returned.
The beach just stretches on, white and dotted with clusters of colorful boats and the houses are worn down and eccentric.
And the land seems to have an odd rosy tint to it.