October 14, 2008

a narcissistic post

self portriat

I was tagged by the supercool Grafitti {thanks!} to reveal...

Six Random Things About Me
1) Unless someone is inside, I turn off the
lights in school bathrooms.
2) I'm a vegetarian.
3) I always set the volume of my speakers in multiples of three.
4) I want to be fluent in Spanish.
5) I love eerie music.
6) I keep a list of things I like, things I don't like
and quotes I like in my writer's notebook.

Six Random Things I Like
1) Digressions
2) People who say thank you
3) Rainbow sprinkles
4) Blustry Fall days
5) Eating fresh snow. I'm a freak, I know.
And that ryhmed.
6) Black cats

Six Random Things I Don't Like

1) When you smile at someone on the street and
they glare at you or don't smile back
2) Crowded, sunny beaches
3) Malls
4) When girls pretend to be stupid
5) Rules for the sake of rules
6) Mechanical pencils

Six Bloggers I Tag

1) Miss Rebel Angel Ella
2) The ethereal
Tavi! Even though she has
probably already been tagged.
4) The Wandering
5) The lovely
6) And the street style snapping


Anonymous said...

lovely haunting photo.

A Black Tie Event said...

I have weird obsessions with multiples of three! When I walk up stairs, I count "one, two, three" in my head as I walk up each one, and I like that at m school it works out because there are nine steps on the main staircase. Haha I'm so weird.

DaisyChain said...

Amazing photo.
I love reading people's answers to these!

alice said...

I hate it when people don't smile at you in the street, when people smile at me it always cheers me up

Sam said...

yay! thanks for tagging me. i will get to it. =]

Tavi said...

Thanks for the tag! I eat fresh snow too :) and I think it's funny you turn off the bathroom lights. Funny-cool.
Beautifully eerie photo.

Zai said...

heyy sorry i took ages to comment back :( but anyway i loved reading this six fact thing :D and the selfportrait is beautifully ghostly.

Imelda said...

Nice to know more about you!
And I always put the stereo on an even number, I can't stand it when the volume is on 3 or something :)

Romeika said...

People who don't smile back... oh it is not nice, but I got used to it after moving to Denmark. Here they just don't smile at all, at least most of the time haha

Raigan said...

great insight into your life! and lovely photography!!!!

I havent been able to eat skittles (the original pack) since i realized that there is no blue skittle, therefore your cannot in fact taste the rainbow!

I'm odd.....and im also a vegetarian! lol those were'nt really meant to tie together


Hanna said...

that's one thoughtful portrait...
you're right - it's incredibly irritating when people give you a weird look if you smile at them on the street. is it so hard to look happy and smile back?

Ella said...

Thank you for the tag...
And fabulous photo. As always.
And fresh snow tastes. If you get what i mean.