March 25, 2008

your tainted heart,my tainted mind repent now

If one is remotely interested in fashion these images from the Balenciaga Autumn 2007 collection are most likely familiar. Even though this collection is old in fashion time it inspired the first outfit I will be posting on my blog. It's kind of a weird outfit,but I like it.

vintage dress

Dolce Vita boots

tights from store in Rome airport

Forever21 blazer with M&J trimming crest sewn on

a gift from Whit


Band of the Moment:Blonde Redhead. Their sound is so otherworldly and strained with melancholy. I'm kind of obsessed and you should check them out.

Rome pictures will be posted and comments returned soon. At the moment though,I'm a bit tired. I was in the hospital a few days ago and now I'm sort of just hanging around the computer recuperating.

March 10, 2008

a flying club and a feathered clip

Part I
{My favourite album at the moment, dreamy and old world-ish. The cover is also quite vintage and 20's.}
Part II
{my new shoes. From Dolce Vita. Also shown a vintage Gucci purse, my favourite hair clip from Urban Outfitters, and a scarf that used to be my mom's.}

Part III {two interviews with up and coming models}
Char,16, Canada

what is one streotype about modeling that annoys you? That all models are vain and superficial.

what is your opinion on the whole too skinny model
I think that it should be the right of the designer to decide on the type of models they use. Girls should understand that being tall and skinny is not the only definition of beautiful; it's not the fashion industry's fault if parents fail to instill a sense of worth in their children other than through the way they look.

what's your favourite and least favourite thing about modeling? My favorite thing is just being at shoots and seeing how they can transform something plain like a studio or a set into something beautiful with the camera. I feel like I'm a part of a piece of art. I love meeting all of the creative and talented people in the industry and feeling like I have something to contribute. And of course, I love fashion and clothes, and it's always fun to try on strange outfits and wear crazy makeup.

My least favorite thing is how shoots can sometimes last much longer than planned, or when I just can't grasp the feel of the shoot. The makeup might look wrong to me or the clothes might look bad but there's not much I can do about it! It's hard to give it my all if I'm not feeling it or there isn't any chemistry between the photographers, stylists and I. But thankfully, most of my modeling experience thus far has been really positive.

Jessica Martin, 19, England

How did you become a model? I was scouted by Storm when I was doing cartwheels on the beach (haha) at 13, but my mum said i was too young. then a year or so later (after much begging!) we sent my photos and i was signed.

I remember a while ago you mentioned a band (tenatively called the Differents with Xenomania Records). How is that going? Well remembered! it's going really well thanks, currently we are recording an album and working with a fantastic team.

What was your favorite shoot to do? I can't decide! well it's not really a shoot, but my favourite was the catwalk for majirel (by l'oreal). i also CANNOT WAIT for the Anna Sui shoot!

Do you have good friends in the industry? I've met some of my best friends during work! you meet people from completely different areas and even cultures, and it's just really fun to mess about on a shoot with everyone =]

March 9, 2008