December 14, 2008

russian fur hats&bridal veils plus new room inspiration

Good day today. Went to the graveyard by my friends house for a photoshoot with our sisters for Photo class. Made them wear jeweled Free People dresses, Russian fur hats, bridal veils, carry around porclein dolls, etcetera. Then a police car came by and we ran away, feeling kind of out of place. But I don't think its bad to take photos in a graveyard, its peaceful and calming. I'll scan the pictures after I develop them.
Sorry I haven't been commenting on other peoples blogs much. My dad blocked Snazzy but somehow I can still acess my dashboard and make posts. I'll try to be a better blogger once in Holland.
Here's the inspiration for my new room in Holland. I have no idea how all these particles will come together but yup it's all my inspiration.

Images from Foto Decadent, Free People blog, Pepperminte, Fifi Lapin, & The Cherry Blossom Girl


taffy. said...

agh, i can't wait to see your photo shoot!

Sara! said...

Im in a photo class too! :D
Thats actually a really creative idea to take pictures in a graveyard.

I cant wait to see them! :D

chaucergirl said...

love the photos and I'm sure your room will come together fab!

keira antoia rose said...

Very inspiring photos. I am in love with the editorial pic. That is gorgeous. I'm eagerly awaiting your pictures!!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

The Stylish Wanderer said...

sounds like an awesome shoot. I <3 the fifi lapin picture.

Corie said...

i really want to see those pictures!

are you moving to holland? and when?

J.Yo said...

why did your dad blocked it??

and yeah, do post pics! i'm dying to see!!

i've always love the cherry blossom girl! it's a heaven of fairy tale fashion! ^^

Anna Pope said...

I can't wait to see the photos. I used to hang around and read at the cemetery near my house!

Beautiful inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just gave you a blog award! Check my blog to check it out :)

TIFFANY and her imaginary elephant said...

I saw you on the teenvogue snapshot blog! Congrats!
I love your style

Sprinkle said...

Ooh! You should hang dresses on your wall and ribbons from the ceiling and artwork from all of your favorite artists... ANd you should cover your bed in millions of floral quilts and tons of pillows... And hang a chandelier with doilies and ribbons floating beneath them... Can't wait to see your room or your photoshoot...

Sieske said...

Oh i love this! Your photos are brilliant. That showerdoor selfportrait! I'm from the Netherlands. You are moving this way? What part exactly and why?
Love Sieske

Bella said...

omg I can't wait to see these images... sounds incredible!!

Hannah said...

Great blog! I dig it :)

I bet your room looks great once your done! Your inspiration is perfect :D


Agnes Dear said...

How come your dad blocked Snazzy! Thank you so much for the room inspiration, I'll need it soon too as I just moved into a new apartment.