September 28, 2008


songs you should listen to on youtube {or something}

In Your Room-Depeche Mode
All Is Full of Love-Bjork
Hallo Spaceboy (Petshop Boys Remix)-David Bowie
We Walk-The Ting Tings
Graveyard Girl-M83
We Own the Sky-M83
Neighborhood 4 (Kettles)-Arcade Fire
SRXT-Bloc Party
Uniform-Bloc Party
Until We Bleed-Kleerup Feat. Lykke Li
Control-Metro Station
Helicopter (Whitey version from Silent Alarm Remix)-Bloc Party

Scarf:shop in Italy
jacket:Urban Outfitters
nothing seems good enough.
i keep deleting/unpublishing
in every aspect. not just in blog life.


Anne Marie said...

dont worry about a thing.. cuz every little thing is gunna be alright.

Bianca said...

love the outfit.
your blog is one of my favorites :]
put on a happy face

Ella said...

Tell me about it...everything seems so mundane, and i haven't worn florals for weeks. I need something amazing to happen...I love your those boots, and your fabulous tights.

Anonymous said...

the outfit is GORGEOUS

Anonymous said...

the outfit is GORGEOUS

Ashley L. said...

gray is one of my favorite colors! infact, the sweater i am wearing right now is gray! gorgeous post :)

Psyche said...

Hope you find your groove again. The grays look sharp.

beccajanie said...

I really like the gray ensemble - pretty!

Mer said...

all the best for you!

Bojana said...

Better times lie ahead...

Lovely outfit, I'm becoming a big fan of minnetonkas

Hanna said...

I am at the deleting/unpublishing
stage in life, too. Adore your jacket, though! =) ADD ME!!! (you asked to yell, so here I am))

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love your outfit!! :) Those tights are amazing. I need some cool tights this Fall. We have the same boots. :) Thanks for your comment and compliment, sweetie!! ♥

xo/ fashion chalet

Mel said...

you look awesome, i love what you're wearing. so pretty!! xx