June 4, 2008

8th Grade Graduation!

"May the road rise up to meet you;
May the wind always be at your back,
The sun shine warm upon your face,
The rain fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again
May God hold you in the palm of his hand."

Every year the 8th grade moving up ceremony concluds with the students whisper singing an Irish Blessing and then the school Alma Mater. They usually take stage on the lawn in front of the old brick school building. Unfortunately this year it rained and we moved into the ice rink which was decorated with school colors and shrubs.

Boys had to wear navy blazers,khakis and dress shoes while girls were instructed to wear white dresses.

I picked out a flowy white Joie dress from Bloomingdales. It may not have been the sparkliest or most glamorous but the moment I saw it I knew it would be one of those perfect dresses that can work at parties but also dancing in the rain.

8th Grade Graduation Outfit
necklace:Adore Vintage Dress:Joie Shoes:Steve Madden

Flower Inspired Outfit

dress:same Joie dress shoes:Dolce Vita tights:from the coolest person evah

Puddle Hopping Outfit

tights:DKNY Boots:Target Dress:same Joie dress

These adorable, spastic bunnies were born in our courtyard. It's so strange, they're just these tiny blobs of fur with a heavily beating heart.

I cannot believe I am done with 8th grade

I cannot believe that it's summer break.


Lila said...

You're only in 8th grade?

michelle said...

Your dress is gorgeous. And that necklace is lovely; I really like the first photograph.

We never had an eighth grade graduation..I wish we did though.
Those bunnies are adorable!

Sammie said...

i love the dress and all of the outfits you put it into, and congrats on graduating 8th grade! that's a pretty huge step.

Sam said...

great necklace and dress!
those bunnies are adorable, i want one! haha =]

Belle said...

you're only in 8th grade?!?! I thought you were a freshman, at the very least. *is dazed*

mary said...

Want the dress, and the rainboots are like knock off awesome Louboutin boots ahaha. So cute though, seriously.

gafietsenjoh said...

yopu are only in 8th grade? I thought you were a crazy excentric old lady dreaming in a cottage on the veluwe!

Natalie said...

woah! you're in 8th grade???

your graduation sounds so close to mine it's scary. we were told the same dress code AND sung the exact same song!!

taffy. said...

okay, your blog is still the prettiest.

changed my url.

Nay'Chelle said...

Your dress is gorgoues. The pink tights add great interest.

I can't believe you're only in eigth grade!

Miss at la Playa said...

did you take those pics? They are beutiful!
I'll add you to my links asap

The Clothes Horse said...

Congrats on your graduation... I never had one! You look grand, love the necklace and the dress.

lula said...

love that necklace, its so pretty

sure i'll add you to my links right now!

keira antoia rose said...

I love the dress...it looks beautiful. And the pictures are sooo cute and wonderfully taken!
I love your blog :)
Added on mine!
Please add me (if you would like)Isabella Clarisse


Kira Fashion said...

love the dress and those boots are really fun!

a kiss!

LML said...

congrats!!! high school is def better than those awkward middle school years (@ least they were awkward to me). girls i think are a lot less catty in HS.
pretty dress - very versatile!

Hanna said...

That dress looks totally adorable with pink tights!! Love it, love it, love it!

Times of Glory said...

I came across your blog and it is really nice and interesing! I am really drawn into your necklace - extremely beautiful!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

oh that necklace is lovely! i want it!!
oh you must watch JUNO, you will love it!! thanks for looking at my blog, yours is really cute!

Pudding and Pie said...

That dress looks great on you! I really loved the necklace you had on! You are very stylish for being in eigth grade. And the bunnies were adorable!


keira antoia rose said...

I love your page! its so amazing and the pictures are really good also... visit ours!


wow 8th grade, i remember that! congrats! i love the flower necklace, your dress, the pink tights, and boots! you have great style for an 8th grader!

Anna Pope said...

Oh wow, this post suddenly brought back memories from my 8th grade graduation. Only I wasn't as stylish as you, your dress is absolutely darling!

But my favorite rendition is the puddle hopping outfit. Those rain boots are so cute (and I have such a soft spot for rainboots in general!)

Amazing photos as usual :)

Miby said...

I love all your pictures!! what a lovely dress...and that necklace is just so pretty! Congratulations on you graduation! :)

Nita-Karoliina said...

you have always so pretty pictures :)

lc said...

your photos are so magical. id love to trade links - doing it now!

anna. said...

i love you pink tights.
you have like, a surplus of amazing ones!

the flowers are all gorgeous...

where did you get that layout for your blog?

S said...

oh i love that flower necklace! Yes, let's trade links.


AlicePleasance said...

That necklace is gorgeous!!!

Sugar Pop said...

ooh, it's very nice. those silver shoes are too. your pictures always make me cringe...in a good way :)

Niki* said...

They r sooooooooooooo cute! OMG they look like mice! I love the bunnies :-)


great boots
love the tights !! x

SICK. said...

félicitations !
i wore a dress similar to that (okay maybe only in the fact that it's white and is eyelet)for my eighth grade grad; and i still wear it.
& i love your floral docs, though they aren't in this post.


The Band of Four said...

Da bunnies!!! Hehe soooo cute!

chaucergirl said...

Excellent necklace, excellent photos once again.